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Lambing Soon !

Busy day today sorting hay orders, wood sales continue to be steady.

Sorting Ewes first lot due to start lambing at the end of the month.
All fun and games ahead of lambing phase one.

The ewes look really good, it has been a very kind winter so far so they have done well outside on their hay.

Stand by for first 2012 lamb pics !

Snow on the Way ???

Just Looked at Weather App on my iPhone It currently  forecasts snow for next weekend the 21/22 Jan through until the 25th ….Hard to believe given the crazy tempratures this week!

Amazing Jumping Pig !

When moving one of our Pedigree Gloucester Old Spot sows the other day she was in a bit of a hurry to get out of the ATV trailer and meet up with her mates in the dry sow paddock

Going along in the trailer

We used the trailer we recently got from Rafferty Newman in Petersfield, they have them made in Wales. It was the first time used with the pigs and it worked very well indeed…apart from as you will see below the sow in transit was some what eager to get out when she saw the othr pigs !  Note the bemused pig in the bottom left hand corner of the picture!


Jumping out of trailer pig !



Wild Weather

The weather in Surrey was somewhat wild today (3rd Jan), v windy indeed this morning and alot of v heavy rain. There were quite a few fallen trees in the area but thankfully it seems none at this stage on the farm. Today,Tuesday, must have been one of the wettest days we have had here for a very long time,given we have had v little rain at all so far this winter. for the first time the ditches on the farm filled up properly.

New Tweeting Blog Posts

Having  just about worked out WordPress im feeling v smug tonight having managed to install a plug in that will make @sondesplacefarm tweet every time we write a new blog post and so far it seems to be working !