International Hydro 84 Tractor for sale

International Hydro 84 Tractor for sale on eBay


Soil Erosion

Following the heavy rain in December the subsequent flooding has left some pretty bad gullying across some fields.
This particular field is going back to grass in a bid to prevent further erosion.

Olympic Camping in July.

The Olympic Road Cycle Race runs right past our farm at the end of July. Why not watch the races and camp on the farm here in the Surrey Hills. For more info have a look aon our website at

Lucerne Haylage

Lucerne Haylage being made in amazing weather!


Late Lambing Starts

Late lambing got underway in the last week. So far a good solid start.
Highlights so far the wet weather and this little lamb with one white and one black front leg


Lucerne at Sondes Place

#Lucerne at Sondes Place v forward but somewhat confused by the frosts we have been getting. First cut will be fairly soon we hope.


Chickens Hate Snow!

As you can see chickens hate snow!!!!


Lapwings in the snow

Lapwings in one of our fields in the snow ! They are the specs in the far distance honest!!!!


2012 Lambing underway!

Lambing finally got underway today with so far a pair of twins and a single lamb born, the single is in the picture.
Only another 70 odd to get through in this early group.

Lambing Soon !

Busy day today sorting hay orders, wood sales continue to be steady.

Sorting Ewes first lot due to start lambing at the end of the month.
All fun and games ahead of lambing phase one.

The ewes look really good, it has been a very kind winter so far so they have done well outside on their hay.

Stand by for first 2012 lamb pics !